j. andrew designs
"Home of the 7.62 Bullet Pen"

Our 7.62 Bullet Pen Series are hand-crafted writing instruments crafted from real 7.62 brass and/or nickle bullet shells.  Each shell goes through an 8-step process to achieve our highly polished 7.62 Bullet Pen. j. andrew designs features four versions of the 7.62 Bullet Pen Series:

The Original 7.62 Bullet Pen


The 7.62 Buck Heads

The Gold Buck Head 


The Chrome Buck Head 


The 7.62 Sniper Pen


Custom Laser Engraving is Available

(price varies based on number of boxes, artwork, and text).

  email us for a quote:

The 7.62 Copper Head Pen


Hand-Crafted Mini Ammo Box

$7.50 each
(Ammo Box Only.  Pen and laser engraving not included)

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